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Offering boiler servicing throughout Durham and the surrounding areas, including Tyne and Wear and Teesside.

Have you had your boiler serviced recently? What most homeowners don't know is that your boiler could be functioning inefficiently even though it may seem like it's working fine. This means you could be wasting extra money on your gas bills every month without even knowing it! Book a boiler service today with RR Plumbing and Heating Services by calling us on 07776366167, or by using the alternative contact methods at the bottom of this page.

The importance of annual boiler servicing 

An annual boiler service check ensures that your boiler is functioning well first and foremost, and secondly, at its most efficient rate. Many homeowners neglect to consider the importance of an annual service due to it being perceived as an avoidable cost, however, the regularity of an annual boiler service ensures that you will protect your boiler against any unexpected breakdowns. Boiler repair costs can end up being surprisingly expensive, so RR Plumbing and Heating urge you to book a boiler service today to avoid any unexpected costs.

What's included in our service? 

When our experienced gas engineer, Geoff conducts a boiler service check, he will first ensure that he safely enters your property, wearing the appropriate PPE as well as maintaining a safe distance from all residents. Once he has entered your home, he will check that your boiler is firstly running smoothly and there are no gas or water leaks in your system. All components and elements of your boiler will be thoroughly analysed with the correct professional equipment, and providing all is safe and well, most boiler service checks will be complete in around half an hour

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RR Plumbing and Heating are dedicated to providing heating services throughout Durham and the surrounding areas, with a keen focus on maintaining amicable relationships with all clients. Why not browse through our reviews page to take a look at what some of our previous customers have had to say about our boiler installation service? You will be impressed!

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